It takes a great deal of skill and knowledge to safely relocate heavy machinery and equipment. This is because many machines are unwieldy, top heavy, and vulnerable to accidental damage. The repositioning of such machinery is a task that is best left to professionals who have the equipment, training, and skills to safely undertake the work of machinery moving.

Here are some points to be aware of when working with machinery moving companies.

Suitable Expertise

Although having the correct equipment is necessary, it’s essential the machinery mover has a team with the suitable expertise and skill set. Significant expertise and experience is required to assess the most effective method of safely moving or installing heavy equipment.

In many situations, access is restricted and it’s often necessary to disconnect and partially dismantle equipment so that it’s more manageable and safe to move. In other circumstances, it’s just not practical to disassemble the equipment and it’s essential to move a large machine in one piece without causing damage or distortion.

When you select a machinery moving company, check on the company’s profile and make sure they employ certified personnel who have the right experience to plan and execute the work safely.

Correct Equipment

Having the correct equipment always makes the task easier, so look for an organization that owns the basic heavy moving equipment needed. Apart from the mandatory rigging gear, this would include heavy-duty forklifts capable of lifting large loads. Verify that they have special attachments that allow them to hoist equipment that can’t be lifted with forks. Low profile mobile cranes that can access and work in restricted areas may help avoid the need to hire heavy-duty cranes.

There’s a great deal of specialized rigging equipment available, such as special dollies and rollers for moving heavy equipment along with powerful jack sets capable of lifting equipment so that it can be placed on these rollers.

Check the machinery moving company’s truck fleet. Do they have suitable trailers for transporting machinery and enough vehicles to support relocating plant equipment from one facility to another?

Track Record

No business can afford to have essential machinery out of operation for long periods, and it’s a given that machinery moving companies are always going to be working on tight deadlines. Establish the machinery moving company’s track record for completing jobs on time and within budget. Verify that they have the capability to handle the scope and volume of work that is required. An effective way of establishing this is to speak to previous customers. You can ask the machinery moving company to provide you with references and contact previous customers to find out how the work was handled.


It’s essential the machinery mover carries adequate insurance. Although the goal is to avoid incidents or accidents, these can happen. The insurance should provide adequate coverage for the equipment while it’s in the care of the machinery moving company. There should also be insurance against the risk of damage to nearby plants as well as consequential damage. Apart from ensuring the machine moving contractor is adequately insured, you may also need to consider arranging additional insurance in the unlikely event of some sort of a catastrophic incident.
Choose the Right Machine Mover

When moving critical machinery, it’s always better to choose the company that has the expertise to do the job right the first time. The consequences to your business of delays due to poor workmanship or possible equipment damage are far greater than the equipment cost. So when choosing a machinery mover, choose a company with the right track record.