Industrial Rigging Service of Austin, Inc.

  • Industrial Rigging Service of Austin, Inc.

805 Tradesmen’s Park Loop, Hutto, TX 78634

  • 805 Tradesmen’s Park Loop, Hutto, TX 78634


A company whose combined corporate experience spans more than a century, Industrial Rigging Service of Austin, Inc. has earned an unequaled reputation for expert, cost effective installation and maintenance of industrial equipment.

From its beginning as a heavy rigging contractor to its present position as a complete industrial equipment specialist, Industrial Rigging Service of Austin, Inc. has maintained stringent standards of integrity and uncompromising excellence.

As a result, Industrial Rigging Service of Austin, Inc. has become synonymous with the highest standards of workmanship and many of the United States’ largest manufacturers have come to rely on Industrial Rigging Service of Austin, Inc.’s representatives for sound advice in all areas of industrial equipment installation, fabrication and operations in their highly automated facilities.


Professional Service:

  • General Construction – Carpentry, Drywall, Acoustical Ceiling, Trim, Building Maintenance and Painting.
  • Equipment Installation – Assembly, Placement, Precision Alignment and Leveling.
  • Fabrication – Conveyor, Cleanroom Enclosures, Structural, Chemical Containment Specialty Stainless and Aluminum. 110 ton Iron Worker, CNC Burn Table, Machining work, Shear with 10’ X ¼” shearing capabilities, 100 ton Brake.
  • Certified Welding – Onsite Stainless, Aluminum, Exotic Metals, Structural.
  • Metallurgical Service – Fracture, Magnaflux, X-ray, Composition, Analysis.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Repair, Retrofit, Wear and Vibration Analysis, Lubrication, Laser Alignment.


Industry Affiliations

Manufacturing, Chemical and Processing, Computer and Semiconductor, Food and Beverage, Paper and Publishing, Pharmaceutical, Heavy Industry, Automotive Assembly, Cement Plants, Munitions Works, Steel and Aluminum, Tire and Rubber, and Utilities.

OUR CLIENTSPrevious & Current

United Parcel Service (UPS)
Teco Westinghouse
Toppan Photomasks
Roberts and Schaefer
Dell Computer Corp.
Freescale Semiconductor
Johnson and Johnson
McNeil Consumer
Carrier Commercial Service
Otis Spunkmeyer
Lockheed-Martin Corp.
Minute Maid Co.
Hill & Wilkerson, Inc.
Perry & Perry Builders
Federal Express

Rapistan Systems
Plantation Foods, Inc.
Peak Pure Air Mechanical
A.O. Smith, Inc.
Alcoa Aluminum
FACS-Solectron, Inc.
LB&W Engineering
Texas Power and Light Co.
Applied Materials
Cyrco Quartz
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Lone Star Steel
Alterman Electric
Hospira, Durcon
Icon Mechanical
The Brandt Company